Macalester College - Marketing Collateral

Wallace Carlson Printing collaborated with Macalester College to produce high-quality printed materials that showcase the college's brand and values. The project included designing and printing various promotional items and informational brochures.

Creating visually appealing and durable print materials for Macalester College.

Wallace Carlson Printing worked closely with Macalester College to deliver a range of top-notch printed materials. The project involved creating promotional items and informational brochures that highlighted the college's unique identity and offerings.

We produced elegant brochures and vibrant promotional materials, ensuring each piece met Macalester's high standards. Our team utilized advanced printing techniques and high-quality materials to deliver products that were not only visually striking but also durable and professional.

The materials included eye-catching designs with special features like embossed logos and vibrant colors, making them stand out and effectively convey Macalester College's brand. These printed items played a crucial role in the college's marketing campaigns, helping to attract and inform prospective students.

Through this collaboration, Macalester College benefited from Wallace Carlson Printing's expertise in producing high-quality, customized print solutions, ensuring their promotional materials effectively supported their marketing

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